November 12, 2020

Presentation of Mike Tomkinson Award 2020

Every year Dementia Jersey present the Mike Tomkinson Award to a person, or group of people, who has done something exceptional to improve the lives of people with dementia. We know that such champions inspire and motivate those around them to effect change and it is essential that we recognise them.
Mike was instrumental in the formation of Dementia Jersey in 2010 and as the founding Chairman was determined that the voices of anyone affected by dementia in Jersey should always be heard and acted upon. Sadly, Mike passed away suddenly in June 2010 just months after Dementia Jersey was born.
This year OAK WARD very much became the place where many older covid patients were cared for and where some sadly passed away. Whilst they were separated from their own families those patients were lucky to have had the amazing staff on Oak to care for them, always putting their patients first and themselves second.
We are aware that many staff had to isolate away from their own families whilst continuing to care for their patients, that some personally faced the terrible situation of having sick loved ones who they weren’t able to see and losing family members whilst not being able to seek or give comfort to their loved ones. We are also aware that these people did what many of us might not have been able to and kept coming to work day after day.
When we began to think of recipients for this years award there seemed only one choice and we were delighted to have recently been able to visit Oak Ward to present the 2020 Mike Tomkinson Award to them, asking them to accept it on behalf of all their colleagues across the health and social care sector who do such an amazing job every day of the week.