Dr Sian Wareing-Jones

Lead Partner – Jersey Dementia Strategy

About me

Sian is the Lead Partner working with the Government of Jersey to write the Dementia Strategy for Jersey, which is expected to be published in 2024.

She first joined the team at Dementia Jersey (formerly Jersey Alzheimer’s Association) in 2009 and previously lead the team of Dementia Advisors and offered a bespoke counselling service for people with dementia and their supporters and carers.

Dementia Jersey Sian Wareing-Jones

What I Love about my job

From my years of experience working alongside people with dementia and their friends and families, and listening to them share the difficulties and challenges they experience, I know changes are necessary. And from the very clear trends in local and international data we know that the number of people with dementia is rising significantly, also telling us that we really do have to do some things differently. For changes to happen I believe Jersey urgently needs a Dementia Strategy.

As part of the team involved in this work, we are analysing these trends, we are reviewing the services currently available, and we are listening to people’s experiences of these, and will be making recommendations for any changes needed.

I firmly believe that this strategy will be a significant tool for change, so I am hugely motivated in the work I am doing to make this happen.

Did you know

If she’s not at work Sian can usually be found pottering in her garden. She has a passion for collecting unhappy and neglected plants and nurturing them back to life.