Kelly Flageul


About me

Kelly joined Dementia Jersey in October 2018 and assists with the strategic direction of the Charity by sitting on the strategy committee and with her background in human resources, she also assists on staffing and volunteering matters.

Kelly is a chartered fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and has over 20 years’ experience dealing with a wide range of human capital issues in her day job as Managing Director of Law At Work (CI) Limited. 

Dementia Jersey Kelly Flageul

What I Love about my job

Dementia Jersey is a such an important charity and being able to raise awareness and improve understanding of dementia throughout Jersey is invaluable, especially as more and more people are being diagnosed. Promoting and developing Dementia Jersey in order for it to grow and maintain its public benefit is paramount and the people who work with the charity are fantastic, dedicated and knowledgeable, which makes my job as a trustee easier.

Did you know

Kelly has been asked on numerous occasions to stand for local elections, however with both of her children currently at university in Australia, her time is spent amassing airmiles every year. Instead of using her negotiation and influencing skills on public policy, she uses those skills on her husband to try and get more time Down Under!