Felicity Freeman


About me

Felicity became a Trustee of Dementia Jersey in 2012 after some years of using our services when caring for her husband.

A Chartered Accountant with an MBA, Felicity contributes to the Dementia Jersey’s strategy and finances by sitting on the Strategy and Finance committees.

Dementia Jersey Felicity Freeman

What I Love about my job

I like it when I make it to the Carers’ Group and can be among people who know what it is like to be a carer for someone living with dementia.  I get a real buzz from being a part of the charities events, be it the Memory Walk, the Carol Service or visiting Musical Memories.  As a Trustee, I would like the charity to be able to make life a little easier for those impacted by dementia, particularly carers.  This can be frustratingly slow at times, but we are making progress. It is heart-warming to read letters of thanks from those who have benefited from our charity.

Did you know

Felicity once worked in Thornton’s chocolate factory and has trained as a croupier!