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Here you’ll find information and advice for carers, young people and for those with dementia.

Information for People with Dementia

Being diagnosed with dementia might have been difficult to hear but it might not mean that you will have to change your life dramatically. You can remain as independent as possible and continue to enjoy life for a long time to come.

Information for Carers

Here we provide some tips on living and caring for a person with dementia that have worked for other carers.

Information for Young People

Dementia affects young people too and here we provide some information on how young people can deal with dementia.

Did you know?

Dementia is a collective name for progressive brain syndromes which affect memory, thinking, behaviour and emotion. Dementia is the leading cause of disability and dependency among the elderly.

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Find information and advice on the symptoms and diagnosis of dementia and tips for people living with or affected by dementia.

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Find information on our services including events, activities and counselling for people living with or affected by dementia.

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