Who we are

Dementia Jersey exists to provide advice, support and information to the community as a whole and since 2012 we’ve seen an increase of over 235% in the amount of people seeking our support and accessing our activities. This includes people of all ages, their families, friends and carers

As well as o­ffering a counselling and family support service, a number of community activities and a weekend Saturday day care centre, we provide education and awareness sessions to schools, community groups, local companies and organisations.

In 2021, the annual cost of running our charity will be over £350k with less than 10% of that money coming from Government funding. That means, each year we need to fundraise a huge amount of money just to keep off­ering what we do today.

Our Mission

To raise awareness and improve understanding of dementia throughout Jersey. By providing information and advice we seek to support anybody a­ffected by dementia.

Our Vision

Our vision is quite simply to make Jersey a more dementia friendly island where all those aff­ected by dementia are understood, welcomed and supported.

Our Stakeholders

It is essential that those a­ffected by dementia are at the very forefront of our work and that people’s personal experiences shape the work that we do now and in the future. Our charity seeks to enable people a­ffected by dementia to be involved, to be heard and to influence in whatever way they can.

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Find information and advice on the symptoms and diagnosis of dementia and tips for people living with or affected by dementia.

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Find information on our services including events, activities and counselling for people living with or affected by dementia.

Get involved

There are many ways you can help us, including fundraising, corporate support, or volunteering for one of our main activities.

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